Saturday, November 13, 2010

Unspecific Saturday

I wish I could write about the specifics of my incredibly productive Saturday, but that'd be writing my full name.  Let's just say it was the good kind of cooking (fun stuff) and the good kind of cleaning (re-arranging, pitching).  Sadly, the week did not end with any letters written, so I was a little more irked than usual when the husband piddled on the internet this morning.  I tried to prod him out the door and got the usual, "But I want to spend this time with you!"  I told him he was spending time with his RSS feed, and to scoot.  Luckily, he's been gone for hours, I've gotten lots done, and we have definite plans tonight with no end-time.

I got really sad one day last week, trying to get a friend to do something with me, but everyone was busy.  I get sad about this sometimes and have to remind myself that adult life just doesn't include as much free time.  But what really got me a little choked up was how hard it would be to find someone to do things with when I knew nobody.  I know everyone here, I know where everything is.  I get huge satisfaction in being a sometimes-maven and always knowing where someone can get anything.  I'm a connector.  I will lose all of that soon.  Meaning, if I'm not careful, I could lose my identity.

Too melodramatic?


  1. I get that feeling. Even though I'm a while away from entering the big bad world of academic jobs, I know I'll feel exactly the same...and I also know its slightly irrational -cos eventually I'll have the same feeling in the new place as I did in the old. But still, you're allowed to be melodramatic because I'd be exactly the same in your situation!

  2. I had a good lunch with a friend today that tried to remind me that the things about myself that I think are awesome are definitely transferable credits, and I'll use those same skills in the next place. Also: embarrassing youth, sexual exploits, grudges and peccadilloes will be erased, as far as everyone else is concerned. I will be a blank slate (with a kick-ass new wardrobe, as god as my witness).


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