Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Girl-crush revealed: Courtney and Adrienne of From Austin to A&M

My definition of girl-crush is less "have my babies" and more "I wanna try your clothes on".   From Austin to A&M is about being a transplanted grad student (somewhat pertinent to my interests) and about what happens after you lose your bullshit filter and can't stop seeing the madness around you.  These ladies pierce my heart with the intensity of their what-the-fuck-ness.  The latest post was about a highly anticipated AMC show about zombies totally failing the Bechdel Test*, before that a light skewering of the university paper.  I think I found this blog through Feministe, and it was just at a time when I needed a little feminist voice on sci-fi.  Really good criticism of misogyny in geek culture, which is really good to hear articulated because it's super confusing and upsetting.  From Austin to A&M reminds me of my first real adult female friend, who tried to instill some boy-sense into me before my freshman year of college, got me into cool music, and made me feel better by telling me that no, Virginia, this is not a post-feminist world.

*Be careful with the Bechdel Test. It may ruin your world (at least your movie/TV watching world).

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