Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Trailing Spouse" and "Resentment"

Those are the search terms that are raking in all my page views! That's kind of sad, but heck, maybe I'm helping?

We had a good talk last night about who he was going to write to first, and he told me about a researcher he'd never mentioned before, in a town he'd never really set down as something he wanted to do. But he was genuinely interested in working with this person, had met them, told me about the town. It started sounding good-- really good, especially since he looked happy about it.  It's a city! I've never lived in a real city. And it's one that is affordable. The new wardrobe may come into play.

I started reading Diplomatic Baggage by Brigid Keenan yesterday.  No, I'm not the spouse of a diplomat, but we've got some of the same issues. Ok, I have not been the editor of a popular newsmagazine in England, but I'm not just lolling about.  Luckily, it's really funny.


  1. You are not alone - Regardless of where you choose to put your eggs, my advice is to network... online and in-person with others in this situation.

    Trailing Spouse Network


  2. Thanks Jeff. I (the non-anonymous me) joined the Linked In group.

  3. I enjoyed the book, but if you aren't in a diplomatic role, it is a little hard to relate to . . . My life isn't very posh, and we don't get moved around as much.

  4. What I got out of it was examples of the kind of loneliness you'll feel in a new place, and not to bury your head in the sand. I doubt I'll have to throw any large dinner parties or live in a yurt married to a postdoc. Ok, truthfully, I have not discussed the possibilities of yurt-living with him. I'll.. be right back.


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