Friday, September 3, 2010

Not trailing yet, and leading quite successfully

The start of the semester is always a terribly stressful time for me.  Most of my employees are students, some of them just coming out of high school, for some their first time job.  It's difficult juggling their school schedules against my schedule of stuff that needs to get done.  So, I've been basically working 2 jobs for the past two weeks, what I do and what they'll be able to do once they're properly trained. They're all currently in the baby bird stage, needing constant supervision and info.  And that's good. If they aren't asking questions, they're probably coasting.  No coasters so far, but damn, I am tired.

On the job front, the spouse is waiting for one job to get funding so he can officially apply, and he also got an email directly from someone associated with another postdoc telling him he should apply. In the second job, it's someone who is currently working with one of the spouse's previous colleagues, who recommended him.  Nice! But that person isn't the PI, so it may not do anything. And the spouse isn't sure the job has anything to do with his skill set. None-the-less, it's nice to be thought of!

I'm antsy of course, as fall approaches and he doesn't have any applications in, even though he's telling people he hopes to be gone by the new year.  I'm distracting myself spectacularly.  The sewing is going nicely, and I've started doing a little yoga in the mornings.  I wish I could post pictures of stuff I'm making, but that would kill my anonymity. So prepare to be eternally tantalized!  I think this is going to be a great fall.