My curiosities

These are some subjects that I'm curious about.  If you have special information or are an expert at any of these, please email me!

  • Making plastic objects from molds
  • Basic circuitry
  • Mathematics
  • Clothing design
  • Recipes for meat substitutes
  • Patterns for 3-d fabric sculpture
  • Moss gardening
  • Home birth vs. Hospital birth
  • Little spherical growths sometimes found on dead leaves, sometimes with red spots [Update: These are called leaf galls, and sadly they are the products of wasps laying eggs.]
  • Wayne Thibaud
  • Making friends in a new place (as a non-student adult)
  • How to stay on a dang exercise regimen
  • How to evenly divide household chores between spouses
  • Gender studies, like academically. I can never get into one of those intro classes.
  • Birds
  • Design and construction of large balloons (for parades or just for)
  • American Sign Language (ASL)