Friday, November 26, 2010

Eff this anonymity noise. I'm Amy.

In one of my first posts, I wrote
"In a new place, my social contacts will, at first, be primarily people I meet through him.  I am sure these will be nice people.  ....Who will I be introduced to now?  I'll just need to introduce myself."
Who was I kidding? I can't imagine meeting people this way.   I've made a plan to go to a karaoke bar within one week of moving into town and sing something horribly dramatic and thus cement my new identity.  Then I will sign up for a book club at the library, chat up people in grocery store lines, and THEN I'll meet up with whoever is assigned to show me around.  People, I am not demur.

My name is Amy, I work in a library, and I live in Arkansas.  Margarita at Global Coach Center suggested I look at the pros and cons of my need for anonymity, and the more I thought about keeping something that has become so important to me from my spouse, I started to feel downright guilty!  I share every success with him, so it felt pretty weird not to tell him about my blog.

Tonight, after we got back from our Thanksgiving with his parents, and maybe after too many truthful discussions on the ride back, I told him I needed to tell him a secret.  He looked a little frightened, but let out a sigh when I told him I had an anonymous blog where I kvetched about work problems and tried to sort though my issues with moving.  I asked him, "Haven't you noticed me being secretive about my internet activities?" and he said he just thought I was writing emails.  Such a trusting spouse! Good thing he's a physicist and not a detective.

I told him I'm going to go back through my posts and make sure I didn't say anything I'd regret.  Though I try to make this a constructive space, I have had some bad days.  He says he doesn't have to know the name of my blog, and he won't read it if I don't want him to.  That kind of attitude and trust makes me feel comfortable letting him.  I really am so, so lucky.

Some details may have to be edited to protect my husband's job prospects, but I'm looking forward sharing some more specific details than I have in the past.  I can finally post pictures of the awesome costumes we made at Halloween, and I won't have to worry about "getting found out". It really was kind of self-centered to think that in the entire internet, without actually knowing I was writing, he would stumble upon this and say, "What the heck??"

So, thanks to everyone who is reading and commenting, and I hope the addition of more specific details about my life will be helpful and not obnoxious.


  1. That's my spouse dressed as a giant sprinkly cupcake. He did much of the sewing.


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