Wednesday, July 28, 2010

No news yet

How long does it take for a school to tell you that you are/are not what they are looking for? I guess it's only been a few weeks, but I'm dyin'.  And the (only) other application he's been talking about isn't due for over a month. I spoke with him about sending emails to schools who are doing research in his area, but he's so reluctant.  I told him it can't hurt-- looking a little desperate for a job (and I do NOT think this looks desperate) especially in this economy can not possibly count against anyone. Especially in his field.  This isn't a cool contest.  I read some stuff about waiting for openings vs. cold-calling on the PhD Comics forum and sent the thread to him.  It didn't really move him.  Which aggitated me a little.

He is, fortunately, staying at work later. I know, a PhD who you have to cry to get them to spend time IN their office? Maybe I'm lucky.  It's kind of cute* that he thinks he's putting me out by spending time in the office, because I really do think he believes all the little time we spend together is important.

My job at the university is heavily affected by the return of the students, and I'm in full-time grimace mode right now.  At least it gives me more to do (the doldrums of this summer were driving me bonkers).

*It puts me out, though, to think that every sci-fi episode we watch at night is one more 44-minute chunk of life we could have been closer to moving on.  I am afraid to do the math.

p.s. I do not hate my dog. But I come close. She looks like this poor little guy:


  1. Hey Orbiting - it can actually take many many weeks to find out about an academic job. For example, you might apply and not find out for 3-5 months if you have an interview. You might interview and not hear anything for another few months after that. If it's only been a few weeks than it hasn't been tooooooo long in the academic world. Just hoping to put some things into perspective.

  2. Thanks, that does help. I feel like there are only so many times I can ask him about it before it stresses him out.

  3. As Psycgirl said - it takes a while. Your suggestion about writing someone in the same field is an excellent one. I highly recommend it. The worse that can happen is they say no but the thing is now people know he's looking. It has worked for several people I know.

  4. Yeah, I try to impress upon him that it can't hurt to try (if you do it respectfully) but he's really stalled on the idea of cold-calling. I think it may just be a fear of follow-through, which I am a victim of myself. I'm not an academic, but I have people come into my workplace all the time asking if I have any openings. And all I see are people looking for a job, not weirdoes.


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