Thursday, July 8, 2010

What suffers in limbo, Part I

oday I'd like to write about my job.  I started my current job thinking I'd only be here a year or two, but it's now past three years.  At the beginning, when I found that my boss and I were not a good work match, I was constantly looking for other jobs.  I applied for a few, in the same company, but was given the run-around. I applied outside of the company.  I got nothing.

I can't complain-- it pays me well and I have benefits.  I am very close to work, and really it isn't very hard.  Sometimes the hardest part about the job is how boring it is.

The spouse seems confident that The Move will happen in the next 6 months, or at least he'll have landed a job.  Though that's what he's been saying for a while, he only has a year left of funding, so he's got a fire under him.  With the hope of half a year left, three years of struggling to communicate with my boss and a job that sporadically challenges me, I am having a lot of trouble caring.

A lot.

I get really good evaluations, so if I think I'm slipping, my boss doesn't seem to think so. (Which I think is sad, in a way.)  I want to leave this position better than when I came in, but I also want to give my notice and happily flounce away two weeks later.  I won't do that, but I fantasize about it.

Watching this clip gives me a feeling of lightness and peace.

[Edited for negative boss-commentary]

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