Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sequin crafts

A quick trip to the Salvation Army got me 10 packages of ice-blue sequins ($1) and a large, beige flat sheet ($2).  Let's talk about what happened to the former.

One dollar! (That's just 1.5 packs)

As for the latter, I was attempting to make a pair of Laupre's Easy Breezy Wrap Pants, but something went wrong in my head and I ended up with a kind of long-legged diaper.  It's unfortunate, because the beige sheet I found was a good weight and khaki-look, but I think I've ruined the whole piece.  I swear I followed the directions (of course, I hate directions, so I'm lying to myself) but it ended up looking like it'd need a lot of tailoring.  The pants are supposed to be really easy, so I'm missing something. I'll try it out again tomorrow night. : (

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