Friday, March 18, 2011

Dissertation Go Time

J turned in a rough draft of his dissertation yesterday.

(This song cracks my shit up.)
We were both home at 5PM, and he'd narrowly missed his advisor (the norm).  He handed me the stack of papers, and I read that he had thanked me by name at the beginning.  I had no idea that was done, and I got a little teary that I was important enough to be mentioned in a paper about things I absolutely could not explain.  I was thanked for my "patience and support".  I probably could have done better on the patience part.

So, that was the really happy news yesterday, and I'm still a little high from it.  I also found out a close friend was offered a job that will be really good for her.  Good news abounds.

J's set to defend in late April, which will hopefully give him enough time to make edits before the graduation deadline.  His parents have already called me regarding festivities, and his sister may fly in from the East coast.  This will be the second graduation I've been through with him, and if he won't act excited, I'll be excited for the both of us.

I've had a few people hearing about his impending graduation remark, "So you'll be gone soon!"  I wish it were that easy.  I am curious what J will be like when he is no longer a student.  I hope he doesn't take the road I took, which was getting really depressed and direction-less. But he always seems to take a slightly different road than me, so I think he'll be OK.  I think he'll be great.  I'll make sure he stays clear-headed.

All gifs courtesy of Gif Party by the amazing Molly Lambert.


  1. Don't worry but be patient ! Got same question until I reach an age when other women become grandmas,then had my baby abroad (made in Japan delivered in the US)...then been asked when baby #2 will come despite expiration date ! I always look younger than my birth date on my passport :-)

  2. Yaaaay! (The gifs really make the post).

    The waiting part of this would kill me, but it sounds like you guys have good short term goals to look forward to, like graduation.

  3. I am going to make him a pinata.


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