Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Progress! April!

Image from Ji Lee at
J has set his thesis defense date for late April and he has made a contact who could maybe get him an internal referral at Google.  The company is supposed to hire 6,000 people this year, so maybe J will be one of them.  An internal referral will really help him out, so this is a big deal.  It's exciting to see progress, and kind of fun/scary to see J get all nervous thinking about Google's hiring process: it's rigorous.  If anyone has any insight into what it's like to work there (at any of the locations) tell me about it.

Other than that, he's got four applications he's supposed to send this week: St. Paul, Austin, San Francisco and Seattle.  I could handle all of these, though I must say I'm partial to sunlight and not partial to frozen snot.


  1. I understand not liking frozen snot, and there's a lot of it in St. Paul, but I swear the twin cities are awesome enough to make up for it!

  2. The few people I've known liked it, and you can't knock a city if you've never lived in one! I've got my eye on Chicago, and J said St. Paul wouldn't be as cold. No matter where we go, I'm going to have to make peace with the cold.

  3. Yay! Very exciting. There's some frozen snot in St. Paul, but it's otherwise very cool.

  4. A good friend of mine is a programmer at Google, and I've heard only positive things about it as a workplace for the 3 or so years he's been employed there. Highlights I recall include cherries for snacking and flexibility to pursue one's own projects part of the time.

  5. I should be nothing but excited. I like our town, but it is definitely not a city, so most places we'd go would be a step up (if in fact I will adjust well to a city).

    @Eileen- I will just have to learn to relish my frozen nose. At least that way it doesn't run as much.

    @Z- Hello! Thanks for some anecdotal evidence. When I think of working at Google, it seems like some kind of geek Shangri-la, so it's good to hear of someone who has entered the golden gates and returned home.


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