Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Louisa Knock-off: GLAMOUR SHOTS

So many thanks to Kara-Line for making beautiful dresses and inspiring me to start sewing on my own.  This dress is an almost exact replica, except for some changes I made to the fitting on the sleeves and, of course, my lack of a serger.  I hope this is only the first of many dresses I make for myself, and someday get the skills to make them for other people, too.


  1. okay, so i've got it all figured out. mandy will doula my non-existent baby for my never-happening pregnancy, and you can make my non-existent bridal gown for my never-happening wedding.

    like any good boyscout, it makes me feel better to be prepared for things that will not be. (in the event of a tsunami in portland, i'm packing a bag and sitting on the tallest local cinder cone.)

  2. I'll make you a dress for your existent awesome life. So.. what's in the bag?


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