Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lazy Sunday

I made a lot of plans today, and cancelled them all. No guilt.  I finished a pillow project, and it doesn't look too bad, just a little lumpy:

This isn't exactly what I was going for when I set out for Joann.  I love to sit up and read, but I hate sliding and having to scoot back up every few minutes.  A "boyfriend" pillow would be great, but they are ugly and I don't want to buy a pillow.  Ideally, I would purchase a chaise or a fainting couch (one day, oh one day.)

My friend Anca helped me sketch out the pattern, since I can't seem to think twice about something before cutting a big gash in it. Lo and behold, she took her eyes off of me and I made the inner pillow larger than the fabric for the case.  I pretended I did it on purpose so I could make little ribbon ties.

Detail on ribbon

I'm also not sure where I will put this, since our bedspread is red.  All that matters is that I actually accomplished something.

Yesterday I made the Mother's Day Corsage from  I took a tip from the comments to felt the petals into shape INSTEAD of using glue.  The tutorial said that the gluing took a while to set, and I don't think felting really took that long.  I ended up not using any glue.  Mine did not turn out as beautiful, but I'm sure that wasn't her first try either:

Next on the list is a replica of a skirt I've had for literally 10 years.  I bought some blue cotton similar to the color above, and some lovely lining (which no one will see).  I'll try sketching out the pattern today, but probably won't have much time during the week to work on it.  Spring Break is coming up, which shouldn't mean much to a working stiff like me, but my workplace is CLOSING for a few days for maintenance.  Once more, the freest of all free time.  And warm, too.

Bonus lazy pics:

She's just yawning.

Tiny dill pickle!

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