Monday, February 14, 2011

Thorn in my side

When I decided to start this blog, I first did a lot of googling to see if any existed.  Yay! But no. Most of them either have not been updated in years or are about the trailing/travling spouse subject only in title.  I just spent an hour combing through Observations of a Trailing Spouse to find only a handful  of posts that had anything to do with trailing.  Hrmph. How do I make my blog come closer to the top?

Maybe I'll post an all-memes-in-one image:
Come to me, my pretties!


  1. You could try starting a Twitter for this blog. It was the best SEO ever for my library's blog/Facebook/website. It's not as fun as pics of memes, but that's what worked for us

  2. Consider it done. I started one a while while while ago, but thought I was being self-centered for thinking I needed one. I'll post about it later.


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