Thursday, February 24, 2011

28 Days of Blogging: Blurgh Edition

Yeah, so I didn't post yesterday-- what of it? I've double-posted enough. J sent me a draft version of his resume today.  I can't imagine taking everything from a curriculum vitae and whittling it down to resume proportions.  It looks really good, and I'll admit I got a little thrilled by something so normal, yet so strange.

I started an ASL (American Sign Language) class this week, to see if this is something I could possibly do for a living. Unfortunately, the class is very casual, and a few of the students don't seem to be there to learn (i.e. super annoying).  The teacher is nice and patient, but hopefully she'll tell this one guy to:

Did y'all just get rick-rolled? That was unintentional.  This was the best rick-roll ever. And seriously, I really was just looking up how to say STFU in ASL.  Never found a video, but here it is in fingerspelling:
Just so's you know.

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