Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow day state of mind

No, we don't really get "real" snow in Arkansas, but when it's in the forecast we all do happy snow dances and hope our childlike glee doesn't provoke an ice storm. Because we get ice. Plenty of it.

From the ice storm last year.  
J. and I spent last evening with friends for the first-ever "food feud" between him and our neighbor.  They're thinking about starting a blog about food and movies, which I think is an good distraction for two grad students. It had started dusting outside,but by the time we'd eaten all the competitive snacks and watched the movie, the weather was looking like we'd get to sleep in.  Everyone was excited, except for our Wisconsinite friend.  She was not impressed.

So, I was pretty sad I didn't receive an automated call this morning, informing me to stay in bed and think about a hot breakfast.  Instead I got up, put on two pairs of socks and shuffled the dog around the backyard.  It was actually a nice walk to work, and it seems that my boss was not, in fact, snowed in to her home.  Just a regular old workday.

J. says he's going to contact the Ohio person today.  I've been doing my research (which is not very scientific) and she seems to have a very cohesive group of people, doing lots of different things. They even have pictures of the group doing things together. In their spare time. Having  fun.  Naturally, I want J. to get to work with nice people who enjoy what they're doing.  But I don't need to get my hopes up.  My mom suggested I send off to their Chamber of Commerce for a relocation packet in the mail.  Mail. Oh, mom.

Since he wasn't sending an application to a job posting, but expressing interest in working as part of the team, we may hear something sooner than we think.  If there wasn't a chance of working there, I'm sure she'd have just sent a reply that they didn't have funding or something.  Yes, I'm getting too excited.

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