Friday, January 21, 2011

Six Months of the Traveling Spouse

I started this blog six months ago. Seventy-eight posts later, I think I've come a long way emotionally, in that I don't feel totally alone, or that I'm making up problems for myself.  I've learned that the problems (that do exist) were not necessarily going to be solved by a change in circumstances, but a change in attitude.  We are going to move.  I am going to have to quit my job and pack up my house and go somewhere where I will have no social ties other than my husband.  Wallowing in self pity and loneliness will only make things worse, so I will need to buck up and make a plan, and stick to it.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that there are aspects of this that will be utterly fun.  And that just because I am somewhere because of my husband, that's just the beginning.  That's how I arrived, physically. I will find ways to slowly erase that and stand on my own.

But! in the depressing kind of news you probably read this blog for, I found an article on relocation's effects on people by gender, and guess what! Ladies have it worse.  I know I am a social person, and find people/things to do to fill any voids in my life.  I call it resourceful.  This just means I have to start from scratch, and knowing this ahead of time will hopefully make the transition less painful.  I consider this blog practice in rallying my defenses and finding allies.  So far it is working really well.  I've tried to write other blogs, but they usually peter out from lack of topics.  This is the first site I've had that has a running theme, and even though I haven't "traveled" yet, there is always something to mull over.  It's really exciting to see that people read it, and it only takes one comment to plaster a smile on my face.  As a friend said recently, "Just wait until you actually MOVE". Yeah, readers, watch out.

Until I move, it's all pictures of giant, stuffed artichokes. My craft projects
 bring the pageviews to the yard, uh-huh.


  1. <3 S.C.O.A.T.S. Scoats is your new nickname, for the record. ;)


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