Saturday, January 22, 2011

Link Love: The Smart Expat

I was quoted on The Smart Expat today, in a post questioning the need for a name.  I still consider myself new to this game, so the idea of having a place to talk about my feelings and belonging to a group is still tender in my heart:
For those of us who are new to a the idea that our spouse or partner’s career is going to lead us to new places and to circumstances which involve putting our own careers, dreams and ambitions on hold, giving those common circumstances a name gives us the opportunity to know that the emotions we’re experiencing are commonly experienced by people who make the life changes we have made.  It lets us know that in circumstances where much of what we find comfortable, supportive and familiar is no longer available, we are not alone.
"Because we ARE special!", The Smart Expat 

When a problem has no name, it's hard for people to find each other and get help about it.  And this problem is not new.  
Geez, name yourself already. Are you really going to agree to "Moon Child"?

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