Wednesday, April 27, 2011


from a local twitter search

We've had crazy-pants rain for the past week, dangerous too.  I didn't take this picture, but it's exactly what the clouds looked like when I got out of my ASL class last night.  They looked like movie clouds.  A local search on twitter for "clouds" taught me these were mammatus ("breast") clouds.  They're super cute and look like boobs but are indicative of really bad weather, often tornadoes.

T-minus 2 days until J's dissertation defense.  He got sick this morning, and I'm sure it was nerves (vegetarians just don't get food poisoning).

Here's a terrible thought: our relationship has been really good, and I've been way calmer than usual since he began the downhill to graduation.  In other words, as he's gotten more stressed, I've had a reduction in mine.  I think it may have something to do with me feeling like I actually have more control in my life than him for once.  Even if it's not real control, the comparison makes it look like it.  That makes me feel bad, but since I'm feelin' so stable and great, I'll use it to make sure he's doing good, too.  I swear it is not schadenfreude.

Thursday and Friday I get to spend all day in a workshop for supervisors/managers.  I'm excited, because I like my job and would like it more if I was better at it.  I think my boss doesn't value this kind of training much, but I figure some is better than none.  I also get to leave an hour early on Friday. Score!


  1. > I think my boss doesn't value this kind of training much

    We get the same kind of attitude from faculty at my uni about teaching training. My department has no formal training either to TA or to think about teaching as a professor, and there's no support for going outside the department to get training. There's a whole lot wrapped up in that about teaching vs. research priorities, but really, everything goes easier when you're better at it, so I don't get the resistance.

  2. The defense? Hurray! You must read these if you haven't already:

  3. @Eileen-- The training is going pretty good, but also highlighting why my boss didn't want me to go. :/ It's hard not to get more negative about my current situation when I can now clearly see how little I'm expected to succeed.

    @Simply Bored -- Those are hilarious, and it was the same for me and my spouse. I was excited like Christmas yesterday morning. It was way better than Christmas.


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