Thursday, December 9, 2010

No more crafts!

Ever since I stopped being anonymous and posted stuff I was doing, readership died! I will keep this blog more spousal/moving/feminist issues-oriented, and keep all the craft stuff somewhere else I can focus on that: Tiny Park, Arkansas.  If you're interested.  We're supposed to hear more back from Ohio next week!  Which is also my birthday! Surprises!


  1. Well, but if a usual channel is via "Two body problem", the fact that there has not been a new post there for a while would also naturally decrease your traffic.

  2. Hrm.. I think you have a point. Two-Body is definitely busy with other things right now. Unfortunately she's the only one who has picked up my blog.

  3. I am swayed mightily by your opinions. Crafts stay.


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