Monday, December 13, 2010

Birthday Blues

Dunno why, but I'm pretty down about my birthday this year. Must've been too much planning/anticipation. Is it a sign of getting older? My dominant feelings have been self-loathing and paranoia.  I try to keep staring at the pleats of my new dress trying to feel more positive, and I don't want to announce my birthday like usual. The best thing would have been to get out of work today, but I did not foresee this dark mood.

Better notes: a friend took marvelous pictures of my sculptures, past and present, this weekend.  Here they are if you'd like to look.  I am at least one step towards a "portfolio", though I don't know what I'll do with it or who will look.

I got a new dress from a crazy Airstream vintage store. Really, a motorhome with awesome dresses in it.  When my sister told me, I said it was probably a psychopath trying to trap fashionable young women, and she'd better watch out.

My incredibly awesome sister-in-law will be in town for my party on Friday. She is a party all in herself: bartender, feminist, works at a rape-crisis hotline, teaches at a girl's rock-n-roll camp, she's in a noise band, another band called Whore Paint, is covered in tattoos and loves me to death.  Oh-- and her band, Made in Mexico, is featured in a secret level of Guitar Hero 1.  You can find videos on youtube* of people playing it and complaining about how damn hard it is. <3 <3 <3

This is a video of her playing with the band Whore Paint:

Most of my tattoos happened under her influence.  She has a different name in every state.

*Mind, this is people playing it really badly.


  1. Schlupp! You are one of those CM people! I used to have a million google alerts for jobs in my husband's field (meddle much?), and at one point I started shaking my fist and yelling, "CONDENSED MATTERRRR" Wrath of Khan-style every time I saw it. He is in a much less "sexy" area. Well, I think it's pretty neat.

    Thanks for the bday love. I really needed some today.

  2. Also, I cannot see your blog. Not fair!

  3. It gets less sexy than condensed matter? We do not have huge toys after all. I close by blog, I just use the blog-roll feature for my own surfing.


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