Friday, March 16, 2012

Progress Report

So, if you haven't moseyed over to Jumbo Jibbles you are missing a TON of non-mopey posts.  I'm doing great in San Jose and have some mini-art up at a gallery next week.  Ok, not actually "up", but there's a once-a-month thing where artists submit tiny pieces of drawing, painting, whatnot that people can buy for $2.  But who cares- I'm up!

I'm updating about five days a week, so come on!


  1. Is this one of your pieces that you've done? I hope you sell lots and lots of art ;)

  2. Hello! Yes, this is one of my water bug sculptures, and I'm working on getting good enough at photography that I can sell prints of the little scenes I put them in. I'm selling a little bit, but I think I'm doing good for a beginner. I've got a store here:

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