Thursday, May 19, 2011

How many applications?

J has finished eight applications in the past two days. He is a powerhouse.  I'm much better prepared for the future job hunt after my big job application, but helping him proofread and nit-pick on words is good practice.  I like to be a part of things, and this is more fun than scanning a dozen Google alerts for applicable job listings every day. (Anyway, I'd usually ignore the qualifications if it was in a cool city.)

We finished Game of Thrones last night, and it was so awesome at the end I cried.  Not because it was sad, but because it was the end of the book, but because the ending and what happened to one of my favorite characters was so amazing, terrifying and cool I couldn't hold it in.  And that is why I love reading.

For those of you not into reading 4,000 pages of this series, you can watch it on the TV, or on the secret internet.  The title sequence alone gives me shivers.  From a maker's perspective, this thing is intricate as fuck and so beautiful (even if it is just CGI).  It looks real enough for me.  If you are geeky enough to read an interview about the making of a title sequence, here ya go.


  1. I luurve the title sequence to the show, and now that I finally got a copy from my library, I'm starting the book. You were right--the book is much less problematic than the show. Although this makes me happier with Martin, I'm confused and upset that HBO chose to spin things the way they did with Daenerys.

  2. That's definitely my sticking point with the series-- I can get over that Daenerys was underage in the book because sex scenes where the woman enjoys herself are so scant in our media culture, but to take that (horrifingly) rare moment, and turn it into a rape? Rape scenes in movies get an R rating, while a consentual sex scene can get you an NC-17. Have you ever watched "This Movie is Not Yet Rated"?

    Anyway. You just wait with Daenerys. Just wait.


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