Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Best of Party Decorations - Part 2 - Aprilween 2010

What is Aprilween? Halloween in April, of course.  J and the Painter (his old roommate/our old roommate) celebrated Aprilween in college, and together we have way more awesome memories from this holiday than its parent holiday.  For one, a lot of costumes are ruined by an October Halloween.  Coats don't go with most costumes.  Sure, you see plenty of young women dressed as sexy dental assistants not wearing coats, but they have obviously made their choices.  Hrmph.

Secondly, there's no Halloween pressure to come up with something grand. You just do it for the fun of it.  Like, when you get a present that isn't a Christmas present, it is so much better.  Because there's no hubbub around it, and it's less likely robbers are going to kill you in your sleep for your gifts in July.

Thirdly, there must always be a thirdly, costume parties are my favorite thing in the world.  I hear that is even pretty normal for me.  I've found that while it's hard to get everyone to participate at a dance party, almost everyone will come well-equipped for a costume party.  And it's soooo much easier to sidle up to a lovely single lady/gent and talk about costumes than pretty much anything else.  I used to have parties with large tubs of neon PGA punch, and now I have parties where people are dressed like puns and 80s movie references.  I'm betting an equal amount of people are getting laid afterward.

front of the house, pre-party.  The Painter likes earthy colors, but this is the closest you can get a a party store.

A round-up of the guests in 2010. You can see me in the front with my cherry hat.

Aprilween 2009
So, this post of was kind of a lie, since the extent of the decorations were streamers.  But let me say this people: a party with streamers is better than a party without them.  Every. Fucking. Time.

Got a tuxedo? You're James Bond! Got a cowboy hat? Oh, you don't? Get one. You're a cowboy!
Damien Hirst diamond skull pinata, by yours truly for the Painter's birthday.  Pinatas double as hats.

Full cast of Heathers (some characters not shown)

When a drunken friend won't walk home with her pirate sword, it's not because she's drunk and silly.  It might be because she has been carrying around a REAL SWORD at your party, and doesn't want to get a public intox AND weapons charge.
Robert Palmer and backup musician


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  2. I don't think so Julie, but it does sound fun.

  3. I'm late to getting to this, but--yay costume parties! My J and I knew each other for a year or so, but didn't start dating until we ran into each other at a costume party. He was a leprachuan, I was a mermaid, it was way easier to flirt while in costume and makes for a great story now.

  4. First time we met, I was a lounge singer and he was a wookie on strike (with a t-shirt that said, "George Lucas Exploits Workers").

    Costume parties = love


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